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Hey Salt Lake City! If you are looking for more than just a regular residential cleaning service, stop here because you have found it!

Not only do we offer Initial Cleans, Maintenance Cleans, Deep Cleans, or Move-out/Move-In Cleans, we treat your home with every bit of TLC. Regardless if you are home with us or away while we clean, your home receives the utmost care and attention as if it were our asset. We go above and beyond the average cleaning company and your “WOW” is what drives our passion. Go ahead and take a look at what Tory Tyme Cleaning has to offer!

Tory Tyme Cleaning Offers  50% OFF for First Time Clean
to Veterans and Currently Enlisted in the Military.

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Are you someone who appreciates the finer things in life?
All of the cleanings available have their own great qualities, and the VIP is just as exceptional. You can add the VIP package to any applicable service. You may refuse any service listed at any time.

Here is a description of our add on VIP package:

✔  Mints next to bed on the nightstand
✔  Folded corners of toilet paper in bathrooms
✔  Aerosol fragrant scented sprayed in bathrooms
✔  Pet treats for your specific pet left on the countertop in the kitchen (requests can be accepted)
✔  Porch mat shook out and porch swept
✔  If arranged day before garbage day, cans will be taken to the street after cleaning
✔  1 sink of dishes rinsed and put in the dishwasher and started OR 1 load of laundry started to completion and hung on your hangers if given directions and load is ready for me to handle.
✔  New sheets on beds and old sheets put in the laundry room
✔  Leather couches shined with product

VIP can be added for a $50 add on fee


We love interacting with kids and making them feel special! If you have a child or teenager living at home, we will gladly treat them every bit as important as their guardians. We will take requests seriously and attentively. If toys are left on the floor, We will put them in one spot in the room to clean the common area. The fewer items on the floor the better, but we will move them if left in my cleaning paths.

Your pets are family too, we love all pets regardless of type, size, and friendliness. When we come to your home, we appreciate your pets to be put away. We will gladly say hi if they are friendly and approachable. Any specific instructions will be welcomed to be sure of the well being of your pet and for us. For the VIP package available, there will be a treat left on a counter or table as a gift. We just need to know what kind of family member is added to your family.

We will remove couch cushions and vacuum animal fur underneath if requested for no extra charge.


Ever thought of renting extra space? Ever thought of renting extra space?

Here is a description of our add on VIP package: Having to clean up after people shouldn’t take up your time, so let Tory Tyme Cleaning do it for you! Same day cleaning available with a few hours' notice.

Not everyone knows how to rent their home as if it were a vacation home, but we will make it easier for you to relax!

✔  Dishes Washed and Put away-Fridge wiped out
✔  Linens washed, dried, and Folded/Staged if units are onsite
✔  Maintenance completed checklist left for next guests with the time and date cleaned
✔  Triangular folds to bathroom toilet paper
✔  Mints left next to the bed on nightstands
✔  An aerosol spray of bathroom fragrance
✔  Garbage cans moved to the street if it’s the day before/morning of pickup

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